Where you are vs. Where you want to be

Good habits and bad habits are incorporated into every facit of our lives. At our jobs, the relationships that we are in, our money, our thoughts, our free time, hygiene, and on and on, let’s face the facts here, habits are a part of everything we do. We’ve created these habits over time, and they drive our daily lives. They ultimately drive where we are now and where we plan on going. How? Remember the word compounding from investing class? If not click here, the point I want to make is that the action you take today, tomorrow, and so on, which was dependent on yesterdays actions will continue to push you in the direction that you’re going. Another way to describe our habits is through momentum.  If a ball was rolling downhill, its speed will become faster. It will become harder for the ball to change direction or stop because of the momentum that it has built up. These concepts can be an  analogy for the habits that you and I do each and everyday. If a habit is well, a habit, then it’s hard to change course. Just as smokers need a cigarette, or coffee drinkers can’t wait to get a cup of coffee, or people who love to exercise, exercise, all of them have psychological momentum built into their actions. They’re can’t wait, they’re always thinking about it, and it’s just like second nature. As you live your life you make decisions to do things, what you choose to do will drive your life in a particular direction affecting you in a positive manner or a negative manner, choose wisely.

Now lets decide where we want to be, who we want to be and what do we want out of life. Then take the actions to get there, not as easy as it sounds right?!? I wish it was but no, it’s not! This is like making new years resolutions, what happens to those resolutions? I bet 99 % of them are never accomplished, it’s a list of things we want but we are not focused on, nor are we willing to do what it takes to accomplish those resolutions. This is the same reason that everyone isn’t rich, or successful. People are not willing to do what it takes, they are lazy and inconsistent, and well change is just too hard.

I’d like to suggests another way to change, inspired by Leo over at Zen Habits. He suggests only focus on one small change at a time. DO NOT take it all on at once, I repeat DO NOT try to make all or your changes happen at once. You will give up,  sad but true. Focus only on one small change at a time. These small changes can make a difference over time and they will actually compound to make huge differences over the course of your life, so take a step back, see where you are and see where you want to be. What habit can you change or begin actually doing today to begin driving your life where you want it to go. I encourage you to make that 1 change today.


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