Consistency & Commitment

These two factors make up the foundation of any success in any endeavour. The only way around these two key driving forces is to win the Lottery. Winning the lottery can get you easy success, and of course this is based on how you define success. Success can mean many things to many people and ultimately I’m speaking in generalities, when I say winning the lottery, I don’t actually mean winning the lottery. I pretty much mean any big break that someone could get. If they are born with a silver spoon in their mouth or know someone powerful who can take care of them in the work force and still even with these types of connections that the easy success that is attained rather quickly will be lost quickly unless the commitment and consistency is utilized to keep it up, otherwise, The “Success” will be short-lived and you’ll fall more like a failure when you have it and then lose it.

Dedicate yourself to the good habits of  being consistent and committed in all of your endeavours, when the tough gets going, you keep going! Don’t give up and just keep moving forward, you’ll be amazed at the results you will yield as time goes on.


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