Before we can venture into habits that actually transform our lives, we must understand what a habit is. What we do now that is habitual, if we should continue to perform the habit or let it loose and decide that it’s hurting us more than it’s actually helping us. A habit as defined by is an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has almost become involuntary. So what do you do on a daily basis, that you really don’t think about? Lets start small: do you brush your teeth on a daily basis? Most people would consider that a good habit.  Do you put on cloths each and every day? Again, good habit, do you eat breakfast? Some people do, and others say no. This would be considered a good habit by most of America, why? Well after 6-8 or so hours of not eating or drinking because of sleeping, our bodies tend to need some fuel, thus the term Breakfast, breaking the fast but  I digress, eating lunch and so on, as you can see, your daily life is a nothing but a series of habits that is played out each and every day. These different actions that we do are habits that are choices we make on a regular basis.

In the above paragraph I’ve noted some good habits but now let’s think about some bad habits. Things you wish you didn’t do, or feel like you had to do, ie. over eat, smoking, drinking too much soda, overspending at the mall, using credit cards, etc. This list can go on and on, the idea is get you thinking about your bad habits and think about the things you would like to change. How will you ever change them, impossible… right? No, not at all, there are people everyday that put down their bad habits. How do they do it? Dedication, committment, and action, they are actually doing something about it, they’re trying. You’ll never reach your goal if you don’t try. The key in trying is doing small things everyday and focus on only one habit. If you try too much you’ll easily become overwhelmed and give up.

The question you’re probably asking yourself right about now is how will any of this actually make a difference in my life?

Great question and I’m glad you asked! The main idea I really want to point out is that habits are things we do on a regular basis that we really don’t think about. Some seem small and others are larger, the bigger question and the thing I want you to focus on is the affect that your habits have on your life?  Have any of you heard of compounding? If not, it’s a term used over and over again when it comes to investing. The idea is that as you invest your money, then on a regular basis, your interest and dividends are being reinvested and over time your money is growing, and while it seems like it’s a turtle’s pace what eventually happens is as your interest, and dividends continue to work for you, all of a sudden your money seems to grow at leaps and bounds. Your 5, ooo per year investment has grown t0 10 million dollars. Ok, not that much but hopefully I’ve illustrated the point. The same principle applies to your habits, good and bad. So whether you’re eating properly in your twenties, thirties, forties and so on then your result is probably going to be healthy body as you continue to grow older. Imagine that you over eat in your twenties, thirties, and forties, then you could be plagued by disease and illness, which has a domino effect on many other facets of your life. Another example could be spending less than you earn and saving the difference, hmmm not like this one hasn’t been beaten to death in the blogosphere (and rightfully so, it’s amazingly simple yet people still chose to spend more than they earn), but as we know this will lead to a nice nest egg in the bank. How about spending more than you earn! This leads to high debt, stress, and pressure that is unwanted in our lives. Something we could have avoided by putting a little more thought into the actions that we choose.

What I want you to leave with today is that by putting more thought into your daily life, you can dramatically increase the chances of your future success and happiness. Whether at work, play, or in our family lives there are things we can do to make changes. Instead of living without thinking, THINK TO LIVE, let me say that one more time THINK TO LIVE! When people start smoking, do you think that they thought about the consequences it would have on their life in 20 years. No, if they did then they probably wouldn’t started smoking. So think the next time you eat that extra bowl of ice cream, use that credit card, smoke your next cigarette, think about the effect it will have on you in 20 years, if none then enjoy it. If that’s not the case then think twice, think to live.


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